I got grounded....

2009-01-15 20:23:43 by mastrchief117

I just got my report card a few days ago and got grounded for getting a 79 C. I friggin missed a B by one point!!! I guess getting all A's on my other subjects (which are all advanced classes with one honors class) wasn't enough to satisfy her. That class was really hard too, with a mean teacher to boot. God i really wish she wouldn't overreact like this all the time. Now i can't play any video games for who knows how long, or go on the computer, but i managed to sneak this post :P. This so sucks right now because i just got xbox live 3 days before i got grounded. I hope i could convince her or my dad(who is not mad) to let me play.


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2009-01-15 20:25:42

no one cares


2009-01-15 20:29:08

FYI the point of a blog is to express your feelings or talk about your life. If you don't care about what i say, don't post anything at all.


2009-01-15 20:32:22

Your parents probably don't trust you, and they just want what's best for you. Trouble is, they have a far too narrow view of what someone's best is. A B is more than satisfactory in my book.

Try doing small things around the house like taking pets out for walks, doing the dishes without being asked, and making small talk with your parents often. IT might seem crazy, but if you do it enough, they'll trust you enough to get you your privileges back. It can't fail!


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Yup, we TOTALLY beilive your 13+.