My Xbox360 died AGAIN

2009-05-27 21:24:39 by mastrchief117

So my xbox got the Red rings of death for the second time now and i'm really pissed. Now i have to get it repaired again. Last time, the repair was free except for the shipping. Only because i bought my console in 2005. I don't think they give out free repairs anymore.

God this is really annoying. I don't even know why it happened. I was just playing RE5, running smoothly, no freezing, no errors. Then, I turned it off so i can eat dinner. When i turned it back on, bam, RROD.

Why microsoft, WHY?!!!


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2009-05-28 09:49:13

it either overheated or it doesnt like you xD

mastrchief117 responds:

I was only playing for less than a half hour.